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Niina Halonen

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Action woman who makes things happen in a globally connected world


“When learning is your passion, nothing is impossible. Genuine expertise develops only by learning and applying new knowledge practices together with others”


“My goal is to cultivate passion for learning, hunger for (virtual) collaboration, desire for novel thinking and crave for turning goals into team results.”

You never lose. Either you win or you learn.


“Family and friends are my foundation. Teams, customers and partners are everything in work life. This has always been my leading thought. It feels most rewarding finding the best solutions and fulfilling the needs together.”

Play, have fun and build your creativity – Feed your inner monkey!


“I’m a hard working result maker. I’m at my best when I can solve complex challenges and create something new. Long lasting partnerships, team intelligence, technologies, design thinking and creative methods combined with solid research background are the foundations of my work.”

Keep moving to stay balanced


This Cosmopolitan from Finland, born in small village near to eastern border (go Kitee!) loves people, art, traveling, tennis, winter swimming, haiku poetry and adventures. There’s always room for new experiences in good company.